TaskWise Outlook E-mail Processing

SouthWare's TaskWise module can monitor Outlook mailboxes and create tasks for each e-mail in those mailboxes. There are many benefits you receive by this powerful bridge between TaskWise and Outlook. Some of these benefits are listed below. To start using this feature, click on the Planning tab to come up with a plan that works best for your company. Then, click on the Implementation tab to define the interface options. The TaskWise Outlook E-mail Processing feature requires at least the 8.1.2 runtime.
  • I want certain e-mails created as tasks so I don't have to enter them manually.
        (Applies to Received E-mail)
  • I consider e-mail to be business data and would like it integrated into SouthWare.
        (Applies to Sent and Received E-mail)
  • I don't have access to SouthWare, but would like to have a task created.
        (Applies to Sent and Received E-mail)
  • I have a customer with some critical issues and I want to track all e-mail communication with them until the issues are resolved.
        (Applies to Sent and Received E-mail)
  • I would like to monitor specific employees e-mails sent so that I can ensure they are communicating to other business contacts in a professional manner.
        (Applies to Sent and Received E-mail)
  • I want to easily view e-mail history for a relationship or contact for any employee who communicated with them - even after the employee is no longer with the company.
        (Applies to Sent E-mail)
  • Do all users have to use Outlook to archive e-mail?
  • How do I only archive e-mails I want?
  • Can I integrate items differently for users?
  • Can I customize what data is used per field?
  • When does the communication with Outlook take place?
  • How can I archive e-mail sent from outside SouthWare?
  • Will this feature work with Outlook Express?
  • Do I need to have Microsoft Exchange?
  • Who should activate this interface?
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TaskWise Outlook E-mail Diagram Notes