Order Options

Once you have created an order you have several options for editing/processing.  The order header is created with default information for the customer that you may change as needed.  You can:

If you are using a normal SouthWare login session you have options to access the standard entry program and print forms.  These options use the standard programs so you have access to all the standard order entry features.

The tabs allow access to the other info for the order.


Accessing the Standard Order Entry Program
(This option is available only if you are using the portal within a SouthWare login session)
You may access the standard Order Entry program (IS-01-02-01) to add or access an order via the "Go to Full Order Entry" link in the upper right of the start page. This allows you to access any order entry features available in this program.

Functions within the Order Header
The order header information is displayed at the top of the page. This includes customer info, PO and terms, order totals, and other general order info.

A tool bar above the header information provides quick access to the following functions: