Live Portals

With SouthWare Live portals you have a simple, powerful interface to your business data.  You can do more with less time and effort:
  • Familiar, intuitive web page style means you already know how to operate portals
  • Minimal navigation means less training needed
  • Data comes to you - you don't need to know how to find it
  • Common functions require only a few clicks - learn advanced features only as needed
  • Any SouthWare program is available at any time - you get simplicity without sacrificing power
  • Multiple portals are active at the same time so you can juggle them like you do your workday

The categories of Live Portals provide different perspectives to match your need of the moment:

roles Role portals are function-oriented.  These portals integrate the data and activities needed for the different roles within a business.  A role portal targets a persona such as a manager, salesperson, entry operator, service rep, or other function and provides a perspective tailored to that role.
people People portals are people-oriented.  These portals provide tools to help you find, analyze, and interact with all the persons you work with each day.
tasks The Task portal provides an always-available workspace for your tasks, assignments, and appointments. Whatever you're working on, your task data is only a click away.
analysis Analysis portals are data-oriented. You can use graphs, reports, and other tools to analyze and get insight into the business data for the areas of the business related to your responsibilities.
alert The Alert/News portal provides instant access to the current alerts and important events in your business. The powerful Alert Processor is continually monitoring your business data to find situations that need your attention, and this portal lets you quickly review the current status.
You can configure default tabs and some convenience settings for your use of Live Portals.  These settings are stored for your logon operator.
Default Main Tab
Default Roles Tab
Default People Tab
Default Analysis Tab

Many portals contain an options menu on the left that makes it easy to access new data for the portal. When you are looking at one of the selected option windows you can collapse the menu to free up more display space (then click on the arrow at the top of the hidden menu to redisplay it). You may use the options below to automatically collapse the menu each time you select an option. An overview menu includes multiple records (such as Customer Summary), while a record menu typically provides options for a single record (such as the option menu for a customer).
Collapse Overview Menus
Collapse Record Menus

SouthWare has multiple menu styles.  Checking the box below ensures that you will start in your default web portals when you log in to SouthWare.
Start in Web Menu Style