SouthWare Remote Service Tech

The Remote Service Technician application provides a handheld-based solution for viewing and recording service work by a technician in the field. Via SouthWare NetLink a technician can use a web browser on an internet-enabled phone or other handheld to access and update live data from SouthWare's Service Management system.

Standard functions include:

  • Technician login
  • A list of assigned service orders for the tech with options for through today, next 7 days, or all assignments
  • View a specific service order and see current header info and line items
    • Option to change equipment item for S/O
    • Option to review history for equipment item
  • Add Line Items to the service order with:
    • Parts used (part number/quantity)
      • optional lookup of part numbers
      • optional entry of tracking number if applicable
    • Service line items (picked from a list of valid services)
    • Optional text comments (that are stored as header text)
  • Finish a Service Order by changing status and optionally adding a Note
    • Option to review billable totals for service order
  • Review Customer Info
    • Review Past Service Orders
    • Review all equipment for a customer
    • Find equipment by service tag number
    • Review Service History for a piece of equipment
    • Review Contracts for the customer
  • What types of phones/handheld devices can be used?
  • Is service order information stored on the handheld?
  • What service orders show on a technician's list?
  • Can a technician look up part numbers?
  • Can a technician enter serial numbers for parts used?
  • Can a technician review more info for a piece of equipment?
  • Can a technician create new service orders?
  • Can a technician service multiple equipment items on the same service order?
  • Can a technician collect payment for a service order?
  • What SouthWare modules/versions are required?
  • Does Remote Service Tech require a special license?
PDF Quick Reference Guide (PDF document)

Demo Administrator Demo (Flash)

Demo Technician Handheld Demo (Flash)

Remote Service Tech - Setup Overview

Here is an overview of the steps required to implement the remote service tech features:
  1. Install
    • Install the NetLink requests and related formats (Extract ID is 15HHSO) into SouthWare and the related templates into your nlhtml directory
  2. Configure
    • Specify the few configuration parameters that may need to be modified to match your data - these are explained in the column to the right of this page
    • Make sure each technician has a NetLink login as an internal requestor and that their related employee record references their technician ID
  3. Set Up Handheld Phones/Devices
    • Make sure each technician's handheld unit has a browser that supports basic javascript functions.  In our testing we used Opera, a widely-used browser available for most handhelds.
    • Provide a link or bookmark to the WIHHSOTECHLOGIN request.  Alternatively you could provide a link that passes the login data for the technician for an automatic login.
  4. Test and Train
    • When a technician logs in he should be able to see his list of service orders.  You may use the Tech Simulator tab to test each technician's list (this does not use his login info, but does show what he would see after login).
    • Show each technician how to login, access service orders, add line items, etc.  You may use the Remote Tech Quick Reference Guide as an outline for training.
      • If you need to customize the standard functions you should first make sure the standard application is running properly.  This will ensure that the development and testing of your changes will be isolated from any standard setup issues.


Below are some options that need to be verified/configured to be appropriate for your data files.  These can be automatically updated from this page to speed up your implementation.  Set the values below and click on the "Update Configuration" button.
Service Order Operator for Import
The import formats to update service orders and add line items require a valid service operator code.  Select a valid service operator below to use for the imports.
Service Order Status Handling
Indicate for each status below whether a service order with that status*:
  1. Should show on the Tech List if the S/O otherwise qualifies
  2. Should show as a possible Finish status* (to remove from the list)
  3. Is Not Applicable for Remote Service Techs

*The program automatically creates an "F - Finished" status if you don't already have one.  This is the default Finish status.