Order Picking/Shipping via Handheld

Your warehouse workers can now scan, record, and review the items they pick and ship for orders via any browser-based handheld device. As they process each picking ticket they can scan or enter the items to update SouthWare’s Picking/Shipping subsystem (IS-01-02-03). This provides a streamlined way to record the items handled for the picking ticket and increase the accuracy of shipments. Information is updated instantly on your system so billing and status info is always up-to-date.

The Order Picking/Shipping feature is packaged as a NetLink-enabled application. The handheld-oriented browser pages provide the following standard functions:

  • Operator login (internal requestor must have a default inventory operator)

  • Option to specify to do staging or shipping if choice is applicable

  • Scan/enter a Ticket number

  • Scan/enter each item needed for a ticket:

    • Enter quantity (or use scan mode to auto-default to quantity “1")

    • Scan/enter tracking number if applicable

      • And tracking quantity if not serialized

  • Option to undo/cancel the item just scanned (to correct errors)

  • Review list to see the status of all items on a ticket

    • Option to Clear pick/ship quantities for any item (to correct errors)

  • Shipping Address info - displays address, PO, and shipping method

  • Ticket Done function - verifies that all items have been recorded

  • Optional Logging/Audit of Operator accuracy and productivity

  • Logoff function - to free up terminal seat  

Other functions may be available or added to allow additional capabilities based on company policy.  The default assumption is that the warehouse worker has a printed picking ticket and is scanning the ticket and items in via a browser-based handheld scanner.  Other functions may be optionally added via customization of the pages. 

  • What types of phones/handheld devices can be used?
  • Is pick/ship information stored on the handheld?
  • Can an operator undo a wrong scan?
  • Can an operator review the ship status for all items on a ticket?
  • Can an operator cancel the ship info for an item?
  • Can an operator scan serial and tracking numbers?
  • Can we log info about the operator's productivity and accuracy?
  • What kinds of situations are logged?
  • What SouthWare modules/versions are required?
  • Does Order Picking/Shipping via Handheld require a special license?
Quick Reference Guide (PDF document)

Administrator Demo (Flash)

Operator Handheld Demo (Flash)

Picking/Shipping Handheld - Setup Overview

Here is an overview of the steps required to implement the picking/shipping handheld features:
  1. Install
    • Install the NetLink requests and related formats into SouthWare and the related templates into your nlhtml directory.  The requests and related formats are automatically installed as part of the update process after loading the current updates.
  2. Configure
    • Specify the few configuration parameters that may need to be modified to match your data - these are explained in the column to the right of this page
    • Make sure each operator has a NetLink login as an internal requestor and that their related employee record references their technician ID
  3. Set Up Handheld Phones/Devices
    • Make sure each operator's handheld unit has a browser that supports basic javascript functions.  In our testing we used Opera, a widely-used browser available for most handhelds.
    • Provide a link or bookmark to the WIHHORDSHPLOGIN request.  Alternatively you could provide a link that passes the login data for the operator for an automatic login.
  4. Test and Train
    • When an operator logs in he should be able to scan or enter a picking ticket number. 
    • Show each operator how to login, enter tickets, review ticket items, etc.  You may use the Picking/Shipping Handheld Quick Reference Guide as an outline for training.
      • If you need to customize the standard functions you should first make sure the standard application is running properly.  This will ensure that the development and testing of your changes will be isolated from any standard setup issues.


Below are the Inventory/Sales control record options related to Picking/Shipping that need to be verified/configured.  These can be automatically updated from this page to speed up your implementation.  Set the values below and click on the "Update Configuration" button.

Note: You may review/edit the operator options via the Operators tab in this portal.

Activate Picking/Shipping
Use Pick/Ship Process? (must be Yes)
Auditing/Logging of Handheld
# Days of Logging History*
* Specifies how many days to retain detailed auditing info - blank or zero indicates not to use logging