Collections Live Portal

With the Collections Live Portal you can quickly identify the customers that need collection attention based on alerts, scheduled calls, past due commitments, past due balances, etc.  You can then zoom to the Customer Collection Portal to research and record your collection followup efforts.  

The Collections Live Portal is designed for use within the SouthWare web browser so that you can utilize all the related functionality of SouthWare. You get access to the following standard functions:

  • Multiple lists of customers based on various collection-related factors
    • The list stays active as you zoom to customers so you can simply work down the list
  • Customer Collection Portal view which includes:
    • Customer address/contact info
    • Current account status
    • Info from last collection call
  • One click options to:
    • E-mail a statement
    • E-mail selected past due or current invoices
    • Change customer credit limit/rating
    • E-mail an aging report
    • Access payment entry to accept credit card or other payment
  • Detail interactive views/entry for the customer info:
    • Open items - the list highlights past due items - you can record a payment commit date along with notes for each open item
    • Open collection alerts - you can enter a review comment for each alert
    • Adding a task - you can record your call notes in seconds - you can also create tasks for other operators for followup actions
    • Collection Tasks - you can review all past collection tasks for the customer
    • Recent Activity - you can view the activity list to see a chronological recap of recent customer activity such as orders, payments, tasks, etc.

Collections Portal Setup

Here are the few steps needed before you start using this portal:
  1. Install
    • Install the NetLink requests and related formats into SouthWare and the related templates into your nlhtml directory.  The requests and related formats are automatically installed as part of the update process after loading the current updates.
  2. Configure Reason Code
    • Specify the configuration parameters that may need to be modified to match your data - these are explained in the column to the right of this page
  3. Test and Train
    • Show each collection operator how to use the features of the Collections Portal.  The "Documentation" tab provides instructions on the major functions.


In the TaskWise control record you need to specify a single Reason code to use for identifying tasks and alerts that are related to collections.  The standard reason is "A/R Collection" and you can default to this.
Collection Reason Code
editEdit Control Record @var_dd_TW890070_@
Add Reason to Collection-Related Alerts
In the Alert Template file you must enter the Collection Reason Code on any alerts that should be considered collection-related.  The alert reports and counts in collections will include only alerts with the Collection Reason Code. 
editEdit Alert Templates.


Collection Alerts