Welcome To TaskWise!

What TaskWise can do for you!!!!!

Start with the scheduling/followup capabilities of contact management

...add comprehensive relationship management that is integrated with your accounting and business data

...incorporate a company-wide task management system for departments and individuals including multi-task project management

...include an exception management system that automatically looks for conditions that need attention in your business and allows you to track and resolve them on-line

...control access to your tasks and other data with a flexible group/operator security function

...build instructions, scripts, and rules into your business system so that it gets smarter over time and makes your job easier

...organize your policies and procedure instructions for easy lookup and access

...integrate all these functions into a simple-to-use software interface that puts them all at your fingertips?

For general instructions on using TaskWise please refer to the on-line documentation in ExcelAssist.

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