Edit Options and click on Update*:
Require Comments for Add? Check this option if operators must enter comments for each service order added.  If this is not checked the S/O will be ready to add after identifying the customer.
Mobile Tech Features:
- Use Tech Signature Capture? Specify whether your technicians should have the option to capture the customer's signature as an approval at the end of service work.  This activates this feature in the Mobile Technician portal and provides access to the signatures in the S/O portal.
   - Notes Category for Stored Signatures Signature data is stored in note records attached to service orders.  Specify the notes category to use for signature data.  This should be a special category (such as "*") that is not used for other types of notes.
   - Require Signature for Finish? Specify whether a signature needs to be captured before the "Finish" button will submit the service order.
- "Finished" Status for Mobile S/O Indicate the status codes to use when the technician updates the service order status via the "Finish" screen in the Mobile Tech portal.
  • The Finished status indicates that the service order is ready to close. 
  • The "Not Complete" status will indicate that future work is still required.  This may be due to waiting on parts or any other reason the work could not be completed. 
- "Not Complete" Status for Mobile S/O
- Allow Payment Entry? Indicate whether the technician may record payment for the service order.
   - Types of Payments Cash
Credit Card
Specify the types of payments that a technician may enter in the Mobile Tech portal.
   - Credit Card Default Trx Type Specify the default credit card transaction type for Mobile Tech card payments.
   - Hold Deposit for Cash/Check? Indicate whether cash/check payments for techs should be placed on deposit hold until they are confirmed as received for deposit. You may use this option if technician cash/checks are not deposited the same day they are received.  If you check this option any cash/check payment received by technicians will not be updated as deposits until you use the Mobile Payment Reporting Portal to mark them as Deposited.
- Format for View Summary Page Specify whether the View Summary page should be a full page or a small page suitable for narrow printers.
* This page requires security level of 9 for Service Orders
S/O Operator Options In the Service Order operator record (SV-07-17) you define each S/O operator that will be using the system.  SO operator portal-related options include:
  • Whether operator can add customer
  • Whether operator can change price
  • Whether operator can see cost
  • Whether operator can change cost
  • Whether operator can override stockout
  • Whether operator can close an S/O
  • Whether operator can bill an S/O
  • Whether operator can change bill percent
  • Whether operator can print an interactive service order
  • Default S/O type
  • Default Problem code
  • Default Priority
  • Default Coverage Code
  • Whether operator can change default parts location
  • Whether operator can delete a service order
  • Whether operator can add new equipment records
  • Whether operator can change equipment ownership