Register Setup

The posting registers produced by each SouthWare posting process provide an audit trail of the updated data. In this portal you may choose to activate logging of registers and to automate several features of the posting:

  • Auto-Output - Defining an Auto-Output for a posting register enables the creation or updating of a log record for each posting that uses that register. Specify which output format (and optionally which printer ID) to automatically use.
    • You may choose to create a spool file, a printout, a PDF file, or output both a printout and a spool file.
  • Separate File setting - Indicate whether to create a separate file per posting, per day, or per month (if spooling). This lets you optionally combine related postings into a single file to make it easier to search for data.
  • Active - After defining logging for a post register type you have the option to activate/deactivate the logging if needed.
  • Auto-Post to G/L - For each G/L interface process you may specify whether to automatically post G/L distributions to G/L transactions as part of the posting process. This will create a G/L transaction per posting.
    • Auto-Post in G/L - If you automatically post to G/L you may specify whether to automatically post the G/L transactions created from posting. This will automatically post interfaced transactions to the permanent ledger so they are instantly reflected in G/L data.
  • Edit or Set Up buttons - The button to the right of each posting register line accesses the maintenance program you can use to access the options for the register. The Set Up button automatically creates the record, then lets you review/edit it as needed.

Log Report Tabs

For each register type that is logged you may click on the related tab to view a list of the logging records.  When you highlight a record you may see the logged information as well as use the button options to print/output the file or view the file as a PDF document (which automatically provides the ability to search the text of the report).

Tree Manager

There is a tree manager that shows all logged registers.

Click here to access the posting register manager






Auto-Output O/R ID Separate File Active? Auto-Post
to G/L?
in G/L?
Accounts Payable
     A/P Payments APPAY    
     A/P Transactions APTRX    
     A/P G/L Interface APGL
A/R, I/S, SV
     A/R Cash Receipts ARCSH    
     A/R Transactions ARTRX    
     Sales End of Day OEEOD    
     Svc Mgt End of Day SVEOD    
     Receivings Transactions INVRE    
     Receivings Cost Transactions INVRC    
     Inventory Transactions INVTR    
     Physical Count Transactions INVPH    
     A/R G/L Interface ARGL
Job Cost
     Job Cost Transactions JCTRX    
     Job Cost G/L Interface JCGL
     Payroll Check Processing PRCHK    
     Payroll G/L Interface PRGL
General Ledger
     G/L Journal Transactions GLTRX