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* This page requires security level of 9 for POS
Use POS Pole Display? Enables the pole display feature
- Max Line Width (characters)  
Messages These may include variables in the format <@DDDDFFFF> where DDDD is the data dictionary file and FFFF is the field number.
Welcome Message - at start of sale (XX99)    
- Line 1
- Line 2
Per Item Message -after each item (RS08)
- Line 1
- Line 2
Totals/Payment Message - at payment (RS07)  
- Line 1
- Line 2

Pole Device Definition

The Pole Display text is displayed by sending message lines to the device.  For each workstation that has a pole display you must specify the device name (or port) assigned to the pole device. Below you may select a workstation, enter the device name, and press "Save Device" to add or replace the data for that workstation.
Current Pole Device Definitions:
Update Pole Device Definitions:

POS Workstation

Device Name for Pole Device (e.g. COM4)