Edit Options and click on Update*:
Default Customer Access Method? Default method for cashiers to find an established customer.
Use Automatic Confirm Info Screen? Show confirm window at the beginning of each new transaction
- Confirm Salesperson? Ask cashier to confirm salesperson for each transaction. Typically you would use this option if the default salesperson is often not the correct one (such as walk-in sales where the floor salesperson gets credit for the sale).
- Confirm E-Mail Address? Prompt cashier to confirm (or capture) the customer's e-mail address.
- Confirm Zip Code? Prompt cashier to confirm (or capture) the customer's zip code for marketing purposes.
Log All Cash Drawer Payouts? Log each time a cashier opens the cash drawer that is not related to a sale. 
Allow Send E-Mail Receipt? Show option to send e-mail receipt when sale is finished.  Option will appear only if an e-mail address is available for the order.  Uses E-Launch ID of "POSRECEIPT".
Allow Non-Taxable Override? Allow cashiers to override the taxable status of sales (a Non-Taxable button will appear).  
- Non-Taxable Tax Code Specify what tax code should be used to change a transaction to a non-taxable sale.
- Non-Taxable Password Use password to secure the Non-Taxable feature, or leave blank if a password should not be required.
Allow Gift Receipt Option? Allow option to print gift receipt(s) at end of sale
- Gift Receipt Template Forms Template to use for the gift receipt printing
  - O/R Template for Gift Card Sale (optional) Override Forms Template to use for gift receipt for purchase of a gift card
Save/Find Walk-In Customer ID Info?
Allows you to save and find ID info about a returning walk-in customer who does not have a customer record but who previously purchased from you.  The info is stored in a Ship To address record for the non-AR customer, and is used for lookup and to provide default info for the sale transaction.  The sale transaction will reference the ship to record for later analysis.
-  ID Info to Save for Walk-In:    
          Phone or ID# Required A phone number or ID is the default method to locate a returning walk-in customer.
          Name? Prompt cashier to capture name for new ID
         E-Mail Address? Prompt cashier to capture e-mail address for new ID
         Mailing Address? Prompt cashier to capture mailing address for new ID
* This page requires security level of 9 for POS
Cash Drawer Setup Cash drawer devices are defined in XX-05-07.  Here you may define the devices and drawer-opening commands for your drawers.
Workstation Records Each workstation is defined in XX-05-02.  Here you define:
  • Cash drawer attached to workstation
  • Default printers
  • Credit card interface to use (must be Element or Merchant Warehouse processor)
Receipt Printing For each workstation (XX-05-02) you define the interactive POS printer.

To print gift card receipts and gift receipts you should define an interactive invoice printer in the workstation record for each workstation using the POS portal. If no override printer is found for the form, form template or line record, the receipts will print to SWSFPDF2 (a PDF file). 

If a manager prints the X/Z report (requires a security level of 9 for POS) the report will automatically print to the receipt printer defined in the workstation record.

Credit Card Payment Setup Enter a Credit Card Interface ID in field 12 of the workstation record (XX-05-02). If you have multiple locations with different processors, you may define an override per SouthWare operator record (XX-03-02, field #13).  The Point of Sale portal is designed to work ONLY with Element or Merchant Warehouse processors.
POS Operator Options In the Billing operator record (IS-07-11) you define each POS operator that will be using the system.  POS portal-related options include:
  • Whether operator can add customer
  • Whether operator can change price
  • Whether operator can change salesperson
  • Whether operator can enter a cash drawer adjustment
    • Default reason code for a cash drawer adjustment
  • Whether operator can change tax code
  • Whether operator can change trade discount percent
  • Whether operator should create RA for returns
  • Default location
  • Override sales tax code for POS transactions