G/L Account List
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Current Accounts
These are the existing accounts sorted by account number. You may click on an account to zoom to the account inquiry program.
Account numbers are categorized based on the account ranges defined in the G/L Control Record:
Category Starting value Ending value
Current Assets @var_dd_GL200019_@ @var_dd_GL200020_@
 - Cash @var_dd_GL200021_@ @var_dd_GL200022_@
Fixed Assets @var_dd_GL200023_@ @var_dd_GL200024_@
Other Assets @var_dd_GL200025_@ @var_dd_GL200026_@
Current Liabilities @var_dd_GL200027_@ @var_dd_GL200028_@
Long Term Liabilities @var_dd_GL200029_@ @var_dd_GL200030_@
Other Liabilities @var_dd_GL200031_@ @var_dd_GL200032_@
Capital @var_dd_GL200033_@ @var_dd_GL200034_@
Revenue @var_dd_GL200037_@ @var_dd_GL200038_@
Cost of Sales @var_dd_GL200039_@ @var_dd_GL200040_@
Expenses @var_dd_GL200041_@ @var_dd_GL200042_@
Non-Cash Expenses @var_dd_GL200043_@ @var_dd_GL200044_@
Other Revenue @var_dd_GL200045_@ @var_dd_GL200046_@
Other Expenses @var_dd_GL200047_@ @var_dd_GL200048_@
Memo Accounts @var_dd_GL200049_@ @var_dd_GL200050_@