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This portal is designed to help you utilize some of the many tools options available to you in the SouthWare Excellence Series™.  The various tabs organize some of the tools for easy reference.  Within each tab you will find a brief explanation of the purpose of the tool(s) along with links to access them.

Tips on customization:

  • If you are customizing features within a specific program it may be easier to make these changes from within the program.  Access the program then use the ToolWise or Modify function (right click or [Ctrl R, Ctrl R]) to access the tools so they will automatically be in context of the program.
  • Use Extract IDs when available to identify related changes.  You may then use the Extract Packager to dump these changes to a file and move them to another company/computer.
Tools Availability
Extended Data
ImportMate II
SouthWare Forms
Go WorkFlow Controller View/Manager

SouthWare WorkFlow is a key tool for customization.  Each step in the processing flow of a program is assigned a "FlowPoint" that uniquely identifies the step.  You may use WorkFlow to create "FlowMods" that add your custom logic to a FlowPoint in a program.  Each time the program reaches that FlowPoint it will execute your custom logic.

The FlowMods you define are stored separately from the program so that your changes remain in effect even when you upgrade to a new revision of SouthWare.  This gives you the advantage of custom programming without the long-term cost associated with making source code changes.

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Go WorkFlow Database
Go Extended Data Setup

SouthWare Extended Data™ allows you to define new fields to add to your SouthWare database.  You can use Extended Data to:

  • Store special additional data for a file
  • Create new key search fields for a file
  • Create stand-alone databases of special data

You currently have @var_dd_XX990048_@ XD Record Types set up.

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Go Run FYI Portal

Data Access is the purpose of the FYI Portal and ReportMate™ technology.  As a tool developer you can use this technology to create custom reports, grid views, web pages, charts, and data exports.  The FYI Portal integrates these into a single environment.  Via the standard ReportMate format features you may create even more complicated reports and outputs.

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Go Create/Maintain Import Formats

ImportMate II™ lets you update your data files from external files.  This is done via a "mapping" of fields in an incoming file to their counterpart field in a SouthWare file.  This technology has one tremendous advantage over other data input technologies - the incoming data is validated using the same rules as the standard SouthWare programs!  You can save a defined import and reuse it (even schedule it for automatic running).

Go Run an Import Update Process
Go Web Feature Manager

Web pages are used extensively in the SouthWare Excellence Series.  In most cases a web page serves as a template, and a SouthWare program creates a page for display by replacing variables in the template and creating a "temporary" file.  The Web Feature Manager integrates your control of the various tools available for web pages.

Go NetLink Request Manager

SouthWare NetLink™ allows you to use Internet technology to access and update your business data.  It provides many powerful features such as combining multiple reports in a single page, forms processing, secured access via any browser, etc.

Go RCF Packets Manager

Remote Control Field (RCF) Packets allow you to create an automated script to run a program or series of programs.  It is often used for special versions of report parameters.  An RCF Packet has a related object record which is used to launch the Packet.

Go Data Packets (OfficeLink)

A Data Packet is a special use of SouthWare OfficeLink technology.  With a Data Packet you can extract multiple data fields from SouthWare data and send them as a “packet” to a text file or to special temporary data packet memory. With Data Packets and related SouthWare technology such as WorkFlow you can:

  • Interactively create or update other SouthWare data via the ImportMate II I2LAUNCH utility
  • Write custom-formatted records to a text file such as for logging
  • Write text files to a specific directory being polled by other software.
Go Access SouthWare Forms

With SouthWare Forms you can create custom versions of the standard SouthWare forms such as invoices, picking tickets, checks, statements, etc.  These custom versions utilize a text file to define a custom layout for a form.  You may even have multiple versions of the same form that can be used for different situations.

Go DocTransfer

With SouthWare SouthWare DocTransfer you can efficiently handle electronic document exchange (invoices, purchase orders, etc.) with your trading partners.  Each trading partner can have a custom definition of the data used for transfer.

Go SouthWare Objects

A SouthWare Object is a technology that makes it easy to "launch" a sophisticated function from multiple points in SouthWare.  The objectID becomes the reference ID for the function.

Go Screen Field Overrides

This tool lets you change attributes of the labels and entry fields in a program.  The most efficient way to use this feature is to choose "Field Overrides" from the right mouse click in a program.

Go Field Filters

Field Filters let you create custom handling for an entry field such as adding a lookup feature or validation.

Go Constructed Variables

Constructed Variables allow you to create sophisticated data values such as combined data segments, computed values, or computed dates.  You can then reference these variables in WorkFlow or elsewhere via Data Dictionary references.

Go OfficeLink

With OfficeLink you can create integrated interfaces to MS Word, MS Excel, WordPerfect, and other applications.

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