Go Run Financial Statements
Go Income Statement (ExecuMate II)
Period Ending @var_dd_XV080098_@ @var_dd_XV080081_@ @var_dd_XV080082_@ @var_dd_XV080083_@ @var_dd_XV080084_@
Sales $@var_dd_XV080031_@ $@var_dd_XV080032_@ $@var_dd_XV080033_@ $@var_dd_XV080034_@
Cost of Sales $@var_dd_XV080035_@ $@var_dd_XV080036_@ $@var_dd_XV080037_@ $@var_dd_XV080038_@
Oper Exp $@var_dd_XV080039_@ $@var_dd_XV080040_@ $@var_dd_XV080041_@ $@var_dd_XV080042_@
Other Inc/Exp $@var_dd_XV080043_@ $@var_dd_XV080044_@ $@var_dd_XV080045_@ $@var_dd_XV080046_@
Net Income $@var_dd_XV080047_@ $@var_dd_XV080048_@ $@var_dd_XV080049_@ $@var_dd_XV080050_@
Go Balance Sheet (ExecuMate II)
Period Ending @var_dd_XV080098_@ YTD YTD - 1YA
Curr Assets $@var_dd_XV080002_@ $@var_dd_XV080003_@
Other Assets $@var_dd_XV080008_@ $@var_dd_XV080009_@
Curr Liab $@var_dd_XV080010_@ $@var_dd_XV080011_@
Other Liab $@var_dd_XV080016_@ $@var_dd_XV080017_@
Capital $@var_dd_XV080018_@ $@var_dd_XV080019_@
Go Current Period G/L Trial Balance
Go G/L Transaction History Trial Balance
Go A/P Trial Balance
Go A/R Trial Balance
Go Stock Valuation Report
Pending Interfaces (not yet posted to G/L)
Pending A/P? @var_dd_XV180011_@
Pending A/R? @var_dd_XV180012_@
Pending Payroll? @var_dd_XV180013_@
Pending J/C? @var_dd_XV180014_@

The tools below are some of the commonly-used tools for analyzing financial history.  You may also use the FYI Analysis tool to create custom reports from history, to create charts, and to send data to MS Excel for further analysis.

G/L History Tools
G/L Transaction History Report
G/L Inquiry
A/P History Tools
A/P Invoice Inquiry
A/P Check Inquiry
A/P Aging Report
A/P Purchases Journal Report
Summary Check Register Report
A/R History Tools
A/R Inquiry
A/R Aging Report
Detailed Customer Activity Report
Inventory History Tools
Inventory/Sales Inquiries
Stock Status Report
Purchasing Reports
Sales Reports
All Inventory/Sales Reports