Creating a Picture Link via ReportMate

You may need to display data-dependent images in a page.  A common example is to display a picture of a stock item.  Another example might be to highlight certain data conditions in a lengthy report by displaying images within the data.

To do this you use ReportMate to output the HTML syntax for the picture.  Fortunately the syntax for a picture is fairly short and simple.

Displaying a variable picture on a page (such as a catalog picture)

In this situation you have two options:

Displaying images within records in a ReportMate list

This approach allows you to conditionally display an image when certain data conditions exist.  ReportMate tests the data conditions and uses its conditional print feature to control whether to output the HTML syntax for the picture.

Let's say you want to make it easier to spot past due A/R open items in a list of customer open items.  You have a small icon named "clock.bmp" that you have put in your NetLink images directory and you want to display this next to the amount field on any open item that is late.  Beside the amount field (within the same column) you could insert the following literal into your RM format:

<img src="images/clock.bmp">

Make sure the literal has at least one space on each side of it so that it is considered one literal.  For that literal use the ReportMate print selection criteria feature to print the literal only if:

Current system date > Due date
Balance > 0

When ReportMate outputs each record for the NetLink page it will include the picture syntax for the clock image if the open item is late and has a balance greater than zero.  When you look at your page in the browser the clock image will appear for each record that needs attention.