Creating a Hyperlink via ReportMate

When you output a list or table of records via ReportMate you may want to provide a way to click on one of the records to "zoom" to a related request.  For example, when a user looks at a list of open sales orders it is valuable to be able to "click" on one of the orders and display a page with more details about that order.  The order list must contain a hyperlink for each order in the list that calls another request that displays the order details.

To do this you must code a hyperlink into the ReportMate format that produces the list of records.  This is simple to do but requires you to know the HTML syntax for a hyperlink.  In the ReportMate format you enter the HTML text and insert data variables where appropriate so that ReportMate will fill in the data in the link for each record printed.

Here is an example that you can print and use as a guideline whenever you need to enter a link in a ReportMate format.  These should all be entered as one consecutive string on one line of the format but are shown here on multiple lines to fit in the browser display:

<a href="http://@var_form_action_url_@?

A good example of this can be seen in the standard ReportMate format NLCORD which displays a list of orders for a customer and allows you to click on the order number to zoom to the request CORDDET for details of the order.