Creating a Drop-down menu list via ReportMate

You may need to offer the user a choice of options that are based on data in SouthWare.  One example would be to offer a choice of shipping methods when the ship via codes come from the SouthWare Ship Via file.  Other examples might include credit card types, locations, product categories, etc.

In this situation you can use a form drop-down menu with the options supplied via a ReportMate report.  To do this you:

Inserting the Drop-Down Menu syntax in a form

Insert a drop-down menu and reference the output of a ReportMate (in this example we'll reference the first ReportMate for the request type):

<select size="1" name="variablename">



Instead of the list of options within the <select> tag we specify to include the output of the first ReportMate run for the request.

Create the ReportMate format to provide the options

In the ReportMate format simply put the HTML syntax around the data from the file:

<OPTION VALUE="datakey">data description</OPTION>

When the ReportMate runs it will output a file with all the option values and then include this file in the drop-down menu to replace the variable "@var_include_rm1_@".

HTML syntax to create a Drop-Down menu to be populated from ReportMate

Cut/paste this code into your HTML file, edit the variablename to be the variable to be sent, and edit the number of the RM variable if the ReportMate that will populate this list is not the first ReportMate for the request.