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Good @var_greeting_@, @VAR_REQR_NAME_@!  
Here is the sales status as of @var_gathered_@:
  • @var_sales_today#_@ orders dated today total @var_sales_today$_@.
  • Our current year sales are now $@VAR_TOTAL_SALES_@.  
  • We currently have @VAR_OPEN_ORDERS_#_@ outstanding orders totaling $@VAR_OPEN_ORDERS_AMT_@
  • We currently have @VAR_OPEN_quotes_@ open quotes totaling $@VAR_OPEN_quotes_AMT_@
  • We have @VAR_OPEN_SO_@ service orders in progress totaling $@var_open_so_amt_@

success.gif Recent Sales History

  • Sales Invoices for the last @var_sinv_days_@ Days total $@var_sales_@.
    • # of Invoices was @var_sinv#_@.
    • Gross profit was $@var_gp_@. (@var_gppct_@%).
  • Service Invoices for the last @var_svc_days_@ days total $@var_svcs_@.
    • # of Invoices was @var_svcinv#_@.
    • Gross profit was $@var_svcgp_@.
Income Statement as of @var_gathered_@
Period ending @var_xm_asof_@ PTD Last Yr PTD YTD Last Yr YTD
Sales @var_1sales_@ @var_2sales_@ @var_3sales_@ @var_4sales_@
Cost of Sales @var_1cost_@ @var_2cost_@ @var_3cost_@ @var_4cost_@
Oper Exp @var_1exp_@ @var_2exp_@ @var_3exp_@ @var_4exp_@
Other Inc/Exp @var_1oth_@ @var_2oth_@ @var_3oth_@ @var_4oth_@
Net Income @var_1inc_@ @var_2inc_@ @var_3inc_@ @var_4inc_@
Balance Sheet as of @var_gathered_@
Period ending @var_xm_asof_@ YTD Last Year
Curr Assets @var_ycura_@ @var_lcura_@
Other Assets @var_yotha_@ @var_lotha_@
Curr Liab @var_ycurl_@ @var_lcurl_@
Other Liab @var_yothl_@ @var_lothl_@
Capital @var_ycap_@ @var_lcap_@

Our cash balance as of @var_gathered_@ was $@var_cash_@.

Other Sales Order Status as of @var_gathered_@
  • We have @var_bocount_@ backorders with a value of $@var_bovalue_@.
  • We have @var_sched#_@ sales orders scheduled for shipment today with a value of $@var_sched$_@.



Inventory Status as of @var_gathered_@
  • We have @VAR_OPEN_PO_#_@ open purchase orders totaling $@VAR_OPEN_PO_AMT_@.
  • We have $@var_rcvdue_today_@ in receivings that are due today.
    • Due next @var_rcvdue_days_@ days is $@var_rcvfuture_@
    • Last @var_rcvpast_days_@ days was $@var_rcvpast_@
  • We have @var_stock#_@ stock items on file with a valuation of $@var_stock$_@ as of the last report on @var_stkvlu_date_@ .


Receivables Status as of @var_gathered_@
@var_ar1desc_@ $@var_ar1amt_@
@var_ar2desc_@ $@var_ar2amt_@
@var_ar3desc_@ $@var_ar3amt_@
@var_ar4desc_@ $@var_ar4amt_@
Total A/R $@var_artot_@
Past Due $@var_arpast_@

Here are the top 5 customers for the year (out of @var_ar#cust_@ total customers):

Customer YTD @var_top$_@
@var_top1n_@ $@var_top1$_@
@var_top2n_@ $@var_top2$_@
@var_top3n_@ $@var_top3$_@
@var_top4n_@ $@var_top4$_@
@var_top5n_@ $@var_top5$_@
Service Status as of @var_gathered_@
  • We have @var_late_so_@ late service orders!
  • We have @var_so_today_@ service orders scheduled for today.
  • We have @var_contract#_@ open contracts with revenue billed to-date of $@var_contract$_@.
    • @var_exp_contr_@ of these contracts expire within the next @var_expire_days_@ days.
Payables Status as of @var_gathered_@
Current (not due) $@var_apcurr_@
On Hold $@var_aphold_@
Past Due $@var_appast_@
Total A/P $@var_aptot_@
  • Total number of vendors is @var_vend#_@.
    • Total number of inventory suppliers is @var_vsupp_@.
    • Top vendor in YTD purchases is @var_topvend_@.
  • We have @VAR_OPEN_PO_#_@ open purchase orders totaling $@VAR_OPEN_PO_AMT_@.