Why should I be interested in SouthWare NetLink?

So that you, your customers, and your other business partners can have controlled access to your business data anytime, anywhere!

The power and widespread use of the Internet opens up new opportunities for communication of business data. Customers, vendors, employees, and others have access to an Internet connection. If you could make selected business data available to them via Internet technology you could get more value from your data at minimal cost.

With SouthWare NetLink you can allow controlled access to your data via web pages so that customers, suppliers, and other outside users can see and optionally update data in your database via their web browser. In addition to submitting sales orders you can let them view account status, run history reports, submit changes to data, etc. This is also a great tool for providing status reports and info to managers and employees.

As the Internet becomes an acceptable (and preferred) method for transacting certain types of business, NetLink bridges the gap between the world of browsers and the world of in-house business data processing. Instead of using a totally different set of tools for the two worlds, NetLink is designed to leverage your existing knowledge of SouthWare products by utilizing ReportMate™ and ImportMate II™ for data handling.