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Good @var_greeting_@, @VAR_REQR_NAME_@!

Here is the standard contact information we show for your company:


A/P Contact:  @VAR_CONTACT_@
Billing Phone:  @VAR_PHONE_@
Billing Fax:  @VAR_FAX_@
Billing E-Mail:  @VAR_EMAIL_@

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Current Status:
  • Our records show that we have @VAR_PO_COUNT_@ open Purchase Orders with you that have a value of $@VAR_PO_DOLLARS_@ not yet received.
  • Our records show that our current balance due to you on invoices received is $@var_vend_bal_@.
  • Purchases Year-to-Date from you total $@var_vend_ytd_@.
  • Our last payment to you was dated @var_vend_last_pay_@.
  • Our records show that YTD payments to you that are subject to 1099-MISC reporting total $@var_1099_ytd_@.  The current 1099 Federal ID reporting number we show for you is @var_1099_id_@.

If you have questions about purchase orders please contact your assigned buyer @var_buyer_name_@

Our records show that our assigned purchasing contact with your company is @var_po_contact_@.