Will my data be safe if I make it available over the Internet?

In NetLink your data is relatively safe for an Internet environment. Security features include:

What if I donít want to put my real data files on an Internet server?

There are many different configurations that you can use to "hide" your real data files from unauthorized access. Having a separate internal computer as your web server is a good way to get a "shield" between your live data files and the Internet. The proper use of router "firewalls" between your Internet Service Provider (connection to the Internet) and your internal systems gives you security that is sufficient practical protection from outside "hackers". Statistically, most data "vandalism" involves people with internal privileges anyway. See Appendix A in the NetLink manual for more details on configuration options.

We do recommend that you use live data since that provides the highest level of service at the lowest cost. You have the option to use NetLink in an "off-line" mode with a copy of your data files, but in todayís market your system users may be disappointed with anything less than live data.