How hard is it to add standard NetLink to my existing SouthWare system?

If you already use the SouthWare Excellence Series™ you're already 95+% ready to go!  While your particular NetLink install needs need to be discussed with your SouthWare NetLink reseller you can get an idea of the process from the steps below:

  1. Identify which network and web server configuration best meets your performance, security, and cost objectives.
  2. Set up and test any necessary network/internet hardware or connections
  3. Install NetLink software on the computer where it will run
  4. Configure a few setup options such as directory paths
  5. Add one or more requestor login records
  6. Try it out!

Once you have your site running you'll likely want to customize the look of some pages, add more requestors, remove some data from the standard pages, add some additional pages, etc.  But all this can come later - your site can be up and ready for testing in a very short time!