Install NetLink for the Class Attendees:


  1. Install the NetLink CD into C:\SW82NL


  1. Execute and Setup Xitami


Click on start button (bottom left corner on your desktop)

Click on run


Click on Xitami icon (bottom right on your desktop big green X)

Click on setup

Enter username = southware

Enter password = netlink

Click on configuration

Click on aliases

Make sure the alias for cgi-bin path is correct

Make sure the alias for NLHTML path is correct

Click on save

Exit Xitam


  1. Test access to Xitami from Web Browser

Click on Internet Explorer (or other web browser)

http://localhost <enter> (The Xitami page should appear)


  1. Edit and NLNETUPD.BAT if necessary. If you did not load the NetLink CD into C:\SW82NL, the cblconfi and batch file used by NetLink must be modified: (located in your program directory):


xxxx = full path to NetLink programs


zzzz = full path to Datafiles


NLNETUPD.BAT (located in the xitami\cgi-bin directory):

Edit the command line with the correct path to the and NLNETUPD.OBJ program


  1. Login to SouthWare NetLink and create your NetLink control record and other NetLink files.


  1. Test NetLink Setup from Web Browser