NetLink Errors


"SouthWare Netlink(tm) Server Error LIC01"
This results from having invalid license information.  
Make sure NetLink is properly licensed on the server.
Use the program NLLICINQ to see the current license informatio
You may run NLLICINQ/X to reset the license information.
"SouthWare Netlink(tm) Server Error LIC02"
This results from not having license information initialized or refreshed.  You must log into the NetLink server to initialize
this information at least once every 30 days.            
"SouthWare Netlink(tm) Server Error LIC03"
"Use your Back button to refresh and then try again."
This error occurs when the NetLink server is already processing the maximum number of licensed users and cannot process the request.  The most
common cause of this error is inability to access the accounting data due to either a permissions problem or a pathing problem in
the cblconfig file.
Error 4	"DEMO registration limited to DEMO Requestor=CARL"
          	"Use your Back button to re-login as 'CARL'"
          	" with proper authorization code"
Error 5   	"Your request does not use the GET OR POST CGI methods"
Error 6   	"Empty Post String" 
Error 7   	"Missing Company ID" 
Error 8   	"Error opening SwiftMate Security file-" 
          	"Install and License SouthWare programs." 
Error 9   	"Error reading SwiftMate(tm) Company ID record: "
Error 10 	"Invalid Session Number:" 
Error 11	"Session# Control Record not available"
Error 12 	"Not a valid request for this Requestor Type"
          	" - Session#"
Error 13 	"Authentication ID is not Valid for this user: "
Error 14 	"Your security does not allow access to this page:"
Error 15 	"Session#   already exists in Session File" 
Error 16 	"Session#    already exists in History File" 
Error 17 	"Too many requests for a single session, re-login"
Error 18 	"Error in running RM Report Format: "
Error 19 	"Too many user variables to add:" 
Error 20 	"The Requestor Login you used:   is not Valid" DELIMITED BY SIZE
Error 21 	"The Requestor Type you used:    is not Valid" 
Error 35 -  due to fae35 being suppressed:
         	"Error opening NetLink(tm) Setup file: "
Error 99  - due to  missing request type record called for in html file
         	"Unable to call request: "