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NetLink Demo Start Page
What is SouthWare NetLink?

Great question!  Here's the "20 words or less" answer to get us started:

NetLink integrates Internet technology with SouthWare business data for controlled browser access to data via dynamically-generated web pages.
Totally clear now, right! The basic function of NetLink is to provide data from your business system to browser-based users and to receive data into your business system from those same users. 

Okay, how about a picture?

NetLink’s greatest value and power is in strengthening existing business relationships and providing easier communication at a lower cost

See NetLink in action!:

The easiest way to understand what you get with NetLink is to try it.  Use the links below to explore standard NetLink pages your business could be using today to benefit your management, staff, customers, suppliers, and others:

"Do an auto-login for me" and skip right to the start page:

  • Executive Summary - page that shows ExecuMate II™ summary info for all major financial areas
  • Customer Start - page that a customer would see after logging into his/her own account
  • Internal Staff Start - page an employee would see after logging in at the office or on the road
  • Vendor Start - page a supplier would see after logging in

"I'd like to try a login myself" (use "carl" as the name and "z" as the password):


Example uses include:

Customer self-service - customers could call in to your server and review account status, check on order status, submit orders, request a service call, report a change of address, analyze past purchases, check product pricing, etc.

Vendor self-service - vendors could call in to your server to review account status, verify purchase order info, check pricing accuracy, submit address changes, etc.

Internal employee activity - your employees could use a browser to access reports and submit data to your system.

Management review - your managers may use a browser to review the important status information for your business.

New customers - you could allow new customers to access NetLink from your web site and submit orders, check pricing, request info, etc.

NetLink does not replace the functions of other modules in the SouthWare Excellence Series™. Internet technology does not support the capabilities needed for the interactive and sophisticated business applications you find in the Excellence Series. NetLink is designed to allow you to have the best of both computing worlds:

  • For high-volume processing of business information you get the power, speed, control, and built-in sophistication of SouthWare’s mature business applications running on your internal system. Your day-to-day work is not hindered by browser-based access.
  • For selected review and submission of data you and your partners can also use Web browsers with your SouthWare files using the "stateless" transaction-based mode of intranets and the Internet.

One way to think about it is that NetLink serves as an interpreter between two languages.  The language of the Internet uses words like HTTP, HTML, CGI, web server, etc.  The language of business software is dollars, orders, profit, relationships, etc.  NetLink speaks both languages so you can focus on communicating business information and let NetLink make this work over the Internet.  Although you can use NetLink for static web pages (such as a typical "home" page) it's best to use NetLink for those pages with dynamic data pulled from or updated to your normal business files.

Once you've tried the NetLink demonstration pages you can review the links below for answers to other questions you might have.