Live Portals
Live portals are great and etc. and etc.
Role portals, etc.
People portals, etc.
Task portal
Analysis Hub portal
Alert/News portal
Configuration Options
You can configure default tabs and some convenience settings for your use of Live Portals.  These settings are stored for your logon operator and may be different for each operator.
Default Main Tab
Default Roles Tab
Default People Tab
Default Analysis Tab

Many portals contain an options menu on the left that makes it easy to access new data for the portal. When you are looking at one of the selected option windows you can collapse the menu to free up more display space. You may use the options below to automatically collapse the menu each time you select an option.
Collapse Overview Menus
Collapse Record Menus

SouthWare has multiple menu styles.  Checking the box below ensures that you will start in your default web portals when you log in to SouthWare.
Start in Web Menu Style