Using Handheld Pages

NetLink Handheld pages are designed for easy use within the web browser program on your handheld. The main types of activities you do are:

Logging in

To start your session you must log in as a valid user. For fastest access the login screen* should be set as the Home page for your handheld browser.

*The standard NetLink login request is "HHLOGIN" which lets you enter your ID and password. If you are using an Intranet-only license you may use the static web page "intranetlogin.htm" which is located in your template directory. See your system administrator for more details.

Navigating to pages

This is the easiest function. Simply click on the buttons or links (typically underlined words) to switch to the indicated page.  The standard menu lists the general sample applications.  Your menu may be customized.

Inquiring data

Many of the standard pages let you view data such as lists of open tasks, customer status info, scheduled service calls, stock status, etc.  Some of this data you can access just by clicking on a link, and other data requires you to enter some parameters for the inquiry.

Entering data

This is the hardest function on a handheld, especially if you don’t have an external keyboard. SouthWare’s handheld pages are designed for minimal entry, but some functions require you to enter data into a field. Whenever you position the cursor in an entry field the browser program for your handheld displays the stylus keyboard or graffiti area. Enter the data needed for the page and click the appropriate button to submit it. For bar-coded information such as stock numbers you can use a scanner on your handheld unit to enter the data.

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